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A. Private Pilot Certificate (PPL License) Read more
Get Your Private Pilot License for Airplane or Helicopter!
We are a FAA Part 141 Approved Flight School.

What is a private pilot certificate (PPL License)?
A private pilot certificate allows you to fly an airplane or helicopter, carry passengers or property and share
the operating expenses. Private pilots have the opportunity to fly for pleasure, literally, across the United States!
You are not allowed to fly for compensation or hire.

For those who are career oriented, the Private Pilot certificate is the first step in your flying career. For those who just want to learn to fly for the enjoyment of flight; this course is suited specifically for you!

What are the medical requirements?
An FAA medical certificate is required prior to the first solo flight. We work with local doctors who are certified by the FAA to issue your medical certificate.

What are the requirements to be a pilot?
A minimum of 35 hours flight time (FAA Part 141) including
- 3 hours of dual cross-country
- 1 cross-country over 50 nautical miles
- 3 hours of dual night training
- 3 hours of check ride preparation
- 5 hours of solo flight

15 hours of ground school includes:
- A foundation of basic aviation knowledge
- Preparation to pass the FAA Written Test
- How much time does this take?
- The FAA requires 35 hours (FAA Part 141) as listed above, the national average is 65-70 hours.
With our accelerated programs, the average at California Aviation Services is about 35-40 hours.

What does the cost include?
- Course Cost Including Flight Hours and Ground School

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B. Commercial Pilot License Read more
Commercial Pilot License for Airplane or Helicopter

What is a commercial pilot license?
A commercial pilot certificate allows you to fly an airplane or a helicopter, carry passengers or property,
and most importantly, earn money while enjoying being a pilot.

What are the medical requirements and flight requirements?
An FAA second class medical certificate is required. We can arrange the doctor appointment for you
with one of our local FAA Medical Examiners.

What are the flight training requirements?
A minimum of 150 hours (helicopter pilot's) or 250 flight hours (airplane pilot's) time including
- 2 hours of dual cross-country day and night
- 3 hours of dual night training
- 3 hours of check ride preparation

100 hours of pilot-in-command time including
- 10 hours of cross-country (50 for airplane pilots)
- 10 hours of solo flight (5 at night and also a long cross country flight)
- 5 hours of instrument flight (IFR License for airplane pilots)
- 10 hours of training in a retractable gear and controllable prop airplane (airplane pilots only)
(The training time during the Private Pilot Course counts toward these totals)

30 Hours of ground school includes
- Complete Commercial Course Cost Including Private Pilot Course, Instrument Pilot, and Ground School

What does the cost include?
- Advanced knowledge and training
- Preparation to pass the FAA Written Test

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C. Instrument Pilot Training Read more
Instrument Pilot Training in Airplanes and Helicopters

What is Instrument Pilot Training?
California Aviation Services offers the Instrument Pilot Course for those students who desire the added skill, and comfort of proficiency as a pilot during poor weather flying. As a Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, or Flight Instructor, poor weather is often encountered unexpectedly. Although we do not condone flying intentionally into poor weather, we understand this will occasionally happen.

With an Instrument Pilot Certificate, you gain the comfort of aircraft control in order to safely complete your flight. Once safely on the ground, you can then use your instrument pilot knowledge to plan your next flight leg wisely. We teach you how to decipher the reports, forecasts, and multitude of weather information available, in order to fly where you know the weather is better! For those who desire to become flight instructors, the industry has evolved in such a way, that in order to be competitive in the job market, an instrument rating is a necessity!

What are the Instrument Flight Training requirements?
A minimum of 40 hours flight time. In order to save you money, we combine flight time with FAA Certified PCATD flight simulator training. Your course can be completed with 30 hours of flight, and 10 hours on the simulator.

- 1 cross-country of at least 100 nautical miles
- ILS-, NDB-, VOR- and GPS-Approaches
- Advanced radio communications
- About 20 hours of ground school providing
- Advanced knowledge of weather information available
- Preparation to pass the FAA Written Test

Flight simulator (PCATD) Training
Modern computer technology has afforded pilots with the opportunity to fly in programmed weather, at the actual airport, route, arrival, and approach. The database at our school can literally take you from east to west coast in an IFR flight. We also extensively use scenario based ATC training for this course to enhance the realistic atmosphere of communication in the IFR system.

What does the cost include?
- 20 Hrs Ground School
- Various Aircraft type training such as IFR R-44.

D. Multi-Engine Airplane Course Read more

Our Multiengine Course will prepare pilots for a career in the Airlines! The FAA Multiengine rating is required by all airline entry level positions throughout the world. Our Multiengine (also known as twin-engine) course will allow you to gain the experience and skills necessary to advance into a variety of pilot opportunities.

E. Specialized Police Helicopter Training Read more

We have, highly experienced police veterans who conduct specialized law enforcement training. Our chief pilot has over 20 years of law enforcement flying experience. We have conducted specialized police training for a variety of government agencies including: California Highway Patrol, Federal Bureau of Investigation, many State and Local Police and Sheriff Agencies. We can arrange for a specific course including; Aerial patrol, Surveillance, Search and Rescue, and Tactical Airborne Operations.

F. Flight Instructor Course Read more

Our expert flight instructors will take you through training techniques used in the classroom as well as in the air. The FAA Flight Instructor rating provides a gateway to your future career in aviation. As a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), you will gain the valuable experience and flight skill necessary to advance into the airline or corporate flying profession.

Many of our graduates are now working for airlines, corporate flight departments, police and fire agencies, etc. Call us to schedule an appointment to design a path for your future in aviation!
G. Turbine Transition Training Read more

California Aviation Services offers a Turbine Transition Course aimed at the flight training that best fits you. At California Aviation Services, our Turbine Helicopter Instructor Pilot's have thousands of hours of flight experience in the same turbine helicopter you will fly! Our turbine instructors have all completed factory training in the Bell 206B JetRangers, MD Helicopters and American Eurocopters. In addition to their flight training, your instructor will have flown as a professional pilot for Law Enforcement, Fire-fighting, Off-shore, or News Media.

California Aviation Services gives you real world turbine helicopter training, with highly experienced turbine instructors! We believe if you are going to spend the money for a Turbine Transition, you should have an instructor who can give you the training you can use. You shouldn't have to pay for your flight instructor to gain turbine experience. Train with our turbine instructors, and we can give you expert training from Day 1!

3-Day Helicopter Transition Course includes
- Turbine Engine Operations
- Hydraulic System Operations
- System Failures
- Emergency Procedures
10 Hour Flight Training covers:
- In flight system Operations
- System Malfunctions
- Normal and Emergency Procedures
- Specialized Techniques required for successful completion of flight-checks, re-currency flights, job evaluation flights.

5-Day Transition Course includes

15 Hour Ground School:
- Turbine Engine Operations
- Electrical System Operations
- Fuel System Specifics
- Hydraulic System Operations
- System Failures
- Emergency Procedures
- High Altitude Operations

20 Hour Flight Training:
- In flight system operations
- System Malfunctions
- Normal and Emergency procedures
- High Altitude Operation Techniques
- Off-site Operations
- Touch-Down Autorotation
- Specialized Techniques required for successful completion of flight-checks, re-currency flights, job evaluation flights.